Pool & Spa Maintenance


ServicePal supports a wide range of commercial and residential services including inspections, cleaning, chemical testing and balancing, equipment installation and repair. Servicers may also offer third party products and consumables such as automated pool cleaners, brushes, baskets and chemicals.

Do you struggle with:
• Resource utilization and lack of visibility into service operations?
• Delayed invoicing and under-billing due to manual data collection?
• Differentiating your services when customer-switching costs are low?
• Growing your business without adding a lot of cost and complexity?

With ServicePal you will:
• Easily schedule, dispatch and track jobs from the office or on the go
• Accurately capture job details to speed invoicing and prevent errors
• Gain customer mindshare with consistent services and communication
• Expand your business and reach with an affordable, easy-to-use solution

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