Pest, Termite and Rodent Control


Businesses offering commercial and residential services to control pests, termites, rodents and wildlife operate in a highly competitive environment. Whether it’s managing individuals or teams, maximizing resource utilization and productivity is critical often because of the sheer number of jobs to be completed on a daily and weekly basis.

ServicePal is an easy-to-use iPad-based Pest Control app designed to help you run your Pest Control business more efficiently. Spend less time scheduling and pushing paper, and more time on Pest Management. Simply use our Pest and Termite Control forms to get started. Track the pest control service history with ease and accelerate invoicing to the time of job completion.

With ServicePal, there is no need to worry about servers, costly software upgrades or backups.

Do you struggle with:
• Inefficient job scheduling where changes can’t be easily addressed?
• Delayed invoicing and under-billing due to manual data collection?
• Differentiating your services and generating more customer revenue?
• Growing your business without adding a lot of cost and complexity?

With ServicePal you will:
• Optimize resource utilization with flexible scheduling and dispatching
• Accurately capture job details to speed invoicing and prevent errors
• Identify and capitalize on cross-sell and up-sell revenue opportunities
• Maintain high levels of service while keeping your operating costs low


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