Fire & Safety Inspections


We at ServicePal know that you take pride in running a fire protection service company that never fails to do the job and always meets the consumers demands with a high lever of honesty and integrity.

Having said this, we also know that it’s important to keep a high level of safety and efficiency when you and your employees are on the job.

That’s where ServicePal comes in. We have made it easy to fill out the necessary forms, while you are on the job, without having to use a single sheet of paper. All you need is an Ipad and the ServicePal app.

ServicePal comes with standardized forms, but you can easily design your own forms to fit the needs and design of your fire protection service company.

Inspection & Testing Form

The property name and information is automatically filled in. Afterwards the standard form gives you the choice of filling in information such as; monitoring activity, approval agency, types of transmission, service frequency, alarm notification appliances and circuit information, supervisory signal. Initiating devices and circuit information.

You can also check off; battery types, tests, emergency communications equipment among other things.

The inspector and owner can sign at the bottom of the form by using the iPad.


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