Chimney sweep and fireplace service


Your chimney service company takes pride in always doing a great job and having satisfied customers. That’s why you and your employees don’t need to spend time doing tedious paperwork.

ServicePal takes care of that for you. With the ServicePal app installed on your iPad, all you need to do is fill out a standard form, while you are on the job. This way you avoid mistakes and assure the customer a great service job, without any use of paper.

When you’ve completed the form you can email it to the costumer with just one touch on the iPad. Because ServicePal is a cloud solution, the other employees can also access the forms at any time

Inspection report

The customer information is automatically filled in on the report. Afterwards you can easily fill in a description of the existing chimney, information about the area and lastly any comments you might have.

At the bottom of the form you can fill in the date of the annual inspection. This information will be saved with the form, so you or any of your colleagues will be able to access it at any point. Should the owner change at any point, you will also have the details on the exact chimney saved on the iPad.

The customer can sign the form directly on the iPad and a copy of the form can be emailed to with a single touch on the iPad.

If your chimney service company needs any other forms or options, you can easily create your own form in the form designer. This way you will get forms that fit your company’s exact needs and has a professional look with your company logo.

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