Customer Management

Servicing your customers is why you’re in business. That’s why we made it easy for you to manage the information about your customers that’s essential to consistently delivering outstanding service.

✓ Capture contact data, notes and multiple service locations
✓ Classify customers by status using your own terminology
✓ Instantly create a job or retrieve a customer’s full job history
✓ Quickly locate customers with just a few letters of their name
✓ Merge one or more customer records into a single record

ServicePal Customer Management


Intuitive Form Designer

Forms are important for your brand and getting the job done right. With ServicePal you can say goodbye to paper forms and improve your business image.

✓ What-You-See-Is-What-You-Get & drag and drop interface
✓ Create professional forms that perfectly match your exact needs
✓ Start with our templates or create your own in minutes
✓ Define functions to perform calculations between numeric entries
✓ Broad variety of form elements
✓ Special form elements such as photo picker & signature element
✓ Preview your electronic business forms online and publish to your mobile workforce

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Electronic Business Forms

Save time and simplify the workflow of your mobile workforce.

✓ Easy to use
✓ Personalized forms with your company name and logo
✓ Ensure consistent error-free service delivery
✓ Unlimited possibilities: work orders, checklists or specifications

ServicePal Electronic Business Forms


ServicePal Painless Job and Time Management
ServicePal Painless Job and Time Management

Painless Job and Time Management

Scheduling, dispatching and monitoring jobs in real time, provides unmatched visibility into your day-to-day service operations. ServicePal also simplifies the process of managing timesheets. Now you can easily record time for jobs, time-off, lunch breaks, material pick-up or other categories important to your business.

✓ Classify jobs by status using your own terminology
✓ Define unlimited job types to match your service catalog
✓ Create location-based jobs with notes and attached forms
✓ Schedule and dispatch jobs via the drag and drop calendar
✓ View new, in progress and completed jobs by day or week
✓ Monitor jobs and collaborate with workers in real time
✓ Be alerted and act on overdue jobs and rescheduling requests
✓ Use the dashboard to visualize and assess historical job trends


ServicePal for iPad

ServicePal for iPad gives your mobile workforce ready access to the job and customer data needed to deliver your services.

✓ Review job assignments on interactive calendar
✓ Get to the job using maps and turn-by-turn voice navigation*
✓ Review pertinent job details including notes and attached forms
✓ Review customer contact information, notes and service history
✓ Share job information with stakeholders in real time
✓ Use the clipboard to fill out forms and record job details
✓ Attach photos, drawings and capture electronic signatures
✓ Email completed forms to the customer and back office personnel
✓ Allow workers to capture timesheet data and submit for approval

* Turn-by-turn voice navigation is available only on iPad2 or later with cellular data capability and iOS6.

ServicePal for iPad

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