ServicePal joins Paperless 2013 as sponsor

ServicePal join Paperless 2013 as sponsor
We are happy to announce that ServicePal has joined the Paperless 2013 coalition as a sponsor.

Paperless 2013 is your one-stop resource for converting your cluttered office and clumsy workflows into a seamless paperless process. Since our launch in September, ServicePal has helped many companies streamline their business by taking the paper out of paperwork.

ServicePal’s electronic clipboard enables virtually any kind of work order or invoice to be presented and shared digitally. As a result, our customers are reporting annual savings of between $500-$800/year, by going paperless with ServicePal.

To read more about the Paperless 2013 initiative, click HERE

iPad: Fastest Growing SMB Technology

A national Business Journals survey of small and mid-sized businesses reveals just how essential the iPad has become to this large economic segment. The findings show that iPad usage nearly quadrupled among the SMB market growing from 9% in 2010 to 34% in 2011 indicating that “the iPad is the fastest growing technology among the SMB market.”

Godfrey Phillips, VP of Research at the Business Journals, says “for SMB owners, productivity and efficiency, which used to be the central benefits of technology, are now declining in importance compared to accessibility. Now, it’s crucial that business owners have access to their business information and data, anytime and anywhere. The iPad, as well as smartphones and cloud computing, are all part of this new trend and are experiencing significant growth as a result of that need.